Showcasing work of 7 years in Product design

Latest Design Work

Designed incentive program for drivers app from the scratch using Behavioural design principles. Also handling the 'Packers and Movers' charter to create end-to-end workflows and high-fidelity prototypes for usability testing and facilitating design reviews with stakeholders. Running growth-hacking experiments using experimental designs and quantitative analysis to improve key behaviours and metrics.

Behavioural Design

Designing incentive program for drivers app from the scratch using Behavioural design principles learnt during the US bootcamp Irrational Labs; implemented 3B framework. Also completed behavioural science Bootcamp organised by the London-based firm. In one of the live projects, I revamped the website narrative and helped in increasing the donations for an NGO.

Design System

Holidify is the best travel platform to plan your trip across thousands of holiday destinations worldwide. My role as a product designer was to take care of the whole website revamp using sketch components and libraries. I lead the end-to-end travel discovery and booking experience on the website, mobile view as well as the android application as the core designer alongside the product manager. Was responsible for creating the design system & components to make a cohesive product.

UX Research

As a design researcher, my role was to study the previous growth history of the company and understand the problems user is facing. My responsibilites was to conduct user research, conducting interviews, brainstorming, comping up with ideas, quickly sketching those ideas and priortising them, making user stories, doing a sentiment analysis, reading and absorbing data from user reviews on google playstore, creating visual designs, articulating design decisions, taking care of the behavioural interventions. AlsoEnhanced the Zigwheels community experience by launching a new pilot project 'Community' for car enthusiasts. Also redesigning beautiful neat and latest UI mobile-friendly interactions.


Worked on 20+ UI UX projects for various startups managing end-to-end delivery of design. Focused on finding gaps in product process, verticals, brainstorming, rapid prototyping, fixing flows, decreasing drop-offs, creating use cases, and translating wireframes into the visual user interface. Also responsible for designing micro-interactions, designing marketing collaterals, and brand image.

Academic Research

Dissertation: Intolerance of Uncertainty, Unintentional Procrastination and Fear of COVID-19: Investigating associations during the COVID-19 pandemic.Intolerance of Uncertainty (IU) is a cognitive construct which is linked to the Unintentional Procrastination behaviour in uncertain situations. This study investigated these associations between Intolerance of Uncertainty and self-reported behaviours such as Unintentional Procrastination and the fear of COVID-19. A total of 130 participants completed self-report measures online created by using three psychometric scales: Fear of COVID-19, Unintentional Procrastination and Intolerance of Uncertainty. Findings suggest that Intolerance of Uncertainty also has associations with Unintentional Procrastination which measures the involuntary delaying of tasks or decisions. In this correlation, the subfactor Prospective IU (Desire of Predictability) is higher with the Unintentional Procrastination. Taking pandemic as an uncertain situation was apt because there was reported change in work schedules, fluctuating or increased anxiety. Therefore higher the intolerance level, the higher the tendency to react negatively to uncertain situations correlating with higher levels of involuntary procrastination.

Concept Designs

Best designs during freelancing experience. Loved this phase of working with different clients all over the world. Showcasing some of the concept designs and live project screenshots.