Location: Hauz Khas, New Delhi


The name Radhika means Goddess Of Love,compassion and devotion. Love for asthetics, compassion for users and devotion in making products beautiful.

I design because I can. Also it gives me the ability to play with an idea.

Born in New Delhi, India I have grown up in an environment where career is given the major focus. This inculcated a sense of individualism and entrepreneurial thoughts from the start. My mother used to teach in school and used to bring me books from the library which also helped me developed the habit of reading books. She used to paint herself and had a career-oriented life itself.

Not taking the usual path and a following a common template, I have made my career in design with the help of various experiments, associations with people and companies. During my experimentation phase, I did not hesitate to try out different domains or workplaces.

My room

Gone remote, now taking projects from all over world.


Loved reading my coursework books

Interest in psychology subjectstarted long back when I use to think

why people behave in certain way. This learning ethos and love for the subject resulted in exploring the subject in deeper manner and hence will be pursuing the PhD in Psychology from Christ University.

"I want my clients or coworkers to feel that they are designing the products and they are in charge; while I facilitates or inspire them throughout the process. I want them to be my friends for life."