Meet designer with interest in behavioural science.

Meet Radhika, a Digital UI UX Product Designer blending the realms of Behavioural Science and UX. With a deep fascination for cognitive biases and decision-making processes, Radhika pursued a Master's degree in Behavioural Science while honing her craft in companies, startups, and corporates.

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Currently based in New Delhi, India, she crafts end-to-end workflows and high-fidelity prototypes, ensuring seamless usability and captivating user experiences. She also facilitates design reviews with key stakeholders, ensuring a collaborative and impactful design process.

Driven by her passion for continuous growth, Radhika recently had the privilege of attending the prestigious Irrational Labs, founded by the renowned Dan Ariely, in San Francisco, California. This immersive one-month cohort introduced her to the groundbreaking 3B framework and its practical application in product design.

With an impressive academic record, boasting a stellar 3.65/4 CGPA in her Masters, Radhika has also expanded her knowledge through Behavioural Science bootcamps in the US and UK. As a versatile Product Designer, Radhika combines her design skills with a deep understanding of human behavior, creating meaningful and engaging digital experiences.

Join Radhika on her journey as she brings the worlds of design and psychology together, pushing the boundaries of innovation and human-centered experiences.

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