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I design mobile apps and website interface backed with knowledge of behavioural science and psychology.

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Radhika due to her interest in Behavioural decision-making and various cognitive biases, pursued masters in behavioural science while working as Product Designer for companies, startups and corporates. Currently she is working for logistic company based in Bengaluru, India where she is designing incentive program for drivers app from the scratch using Behavioural design principles. Also she is creating end to end workflows and high-fidelity prototypes for usability testing and facilitating design reviews with stakeholders.

She recently attended the Irrational Labs which is the behavioural lab founded by Dan Ariely based in San Francisco, California.It was one-month interactive cohort which introduced the 3B framework and its application to product design.

  • 3.65/4 CGPA, First Class with Distinction in Masters
  • Behavioural Science bootcamps attended US & UK
  • Product Designer with Behavioural Science knowledge
0 years Work experience
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